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IE7 and Standards

March 17, 2005 19:32 by matthaw

So the IE team, specifically Chris Wilson, decided to blog something worthwhile about future support of standards, specifically within IE7. While I applaud Microsoft’s stance on standards, I’m just wondering what *else* would be implemented into “standards”.

Ohh, and what’s really funny is that I read this blog post in FireFox.

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Netscape 8 BETA

March 3, 2005 23:15 by matthaw

Get Netscape 8 BETA, or wait FireFox 1.0, no it is Netscape 8 BETA…or is it FireFox 1.0 – hmm, boy, just what I want to do, get Netscape which roots from FireFox…glad they can rebrand their products successfully. Reading the release notes indicates that it is truly that, just a rebranded FireFox browser (sure, with some added features – what about putting those into FireFox!)…see for yourself.

Side thought – didn’t Netscape have their own search engine at some point? Now they’re using Google’s search engine. Personally, I think Netscape as a product in entirety is merely just a brand that’s dying. Live long Netscape they say – nah, FireFox’s name sounds cooler.

Okay, back to Nutscrape 8 – ohh boy does this thing look like the MSN browser, thank goodness for skins…


So as you can see, it breaks all the normal windows user interface guidlines just like Apple does with iTunes. Yippie! Now I can learn a completely new way of surfing the internet, or just closing the application down. Note these oddities:

1. The main menu is on the right hand side.
2. The search section is in the middle, with only the option to search Netscape (Google?)
3. The location bar is small and on the right hand side of the search.
4. Where’s my STOP button!
5. The “Personal Toolbar” is pretty sweet, but  getting rid of it makes the browser look like crap.

So yeah, what are they thinking? Seriously? “Lets build a better browser than IE” – haha, right, thats not going to happen with this crap. Your thoughts? BTW, I’m promptly removing this rechid thing after this post is done. Ohh, thats now, good…

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Copying XML Nodes from a Doc to Another

March 3, 2005 20:23 by matthaw

This should be filed as, “that’s pretty cool – I didn’t know that.” So for all of you SDK reading zealots out there, stay away - far away…I don’t want any comments (yet I have a feeling this statement will generate the fury that enrages them to post) stating “its in the SDK, just read it.” As I’ve said time and time again, when you have to work with the stuff day in and day out and only look up the stuff you need when appropriate, this theory just doesn’t work… so I don’t want to hear it, ‘kay?

So, getting away from my angst, I wanted to explain and show how you can copy (or clone) XML Nodes from one XML Document to another. This comes up if you need to generate a document based on another one, but you also need to add other items…kinda a “combination” document so-to-speak. Looking through the SDK, I noticed the ever ellusive “Clone” method, and its sister method “CloneNode”. Thinking about it, I figured – hey, that would probably work the way I want, right?

Well, partially…there’s another step you need to take to properly clone XML nodes. Prior to calling AppendChild, you need to call ImportNode on the destination XML document. This will then change it’s internal mappings to the new document. So, the code looks like:

XmlDocument doc1 = new XmlDocument();

XmlDocument doc2 = new XmlDocument();
XmlElement docElement = doc2.CreateElement(“Document2”);
XmlElement docClone = doc2.ImportNode(doc1.SelectSingleNode(“/Document1/ToClone”).Clone(), true);


So, there you have it…a way to clone a node from one document to another, easily.

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Review: Painless Project Management with FogBugz

March 3, 2005 00:26 by matthaw

Mike Gunderloy’s latest book, Painless Project Management with FogBugz, was a much suprise present that I received earlier last week. Needless to say I was going to purchase the book myself, but was greatly appreciative to whomever sent it to me (thank you, you unknown soldier of the free book society), making my ability to travel to the bookstore pointless…but I digress…

This book was a very well put together manual about how and why things work the way they do within FogBugz 4.0. Because of its easy read (and the fact I knew a lot of the stuff already), I was able to get through the book in just a few reading sessions, or 2–3 days total. The chapters take you from setting up FogBugz and administering it to getting it to work with your source control system. The stuff in between, well lets say you should just purchase the book to get the beefy, juicy, sweet tasting (it’s Homer time)…wait, just some good ol’ fashioned readin’ about how FogBugz is best utilized fo’ ya team.

Mike provides a lot of How-To’s and Why’s-That in this book that makes it a perfect read for any newbie to FogBugz 4.0, or for that matter any version of FogBugz. Sure, the examples won’t hold up for older versions, but the concepts explained work with just about any version you would be running.

So, get on outta here, and purchase a copy!

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