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Context Menu -> Sub Menu Problem

August 27, 2004 00:40 by matthaw

So I ran into a bit of a speedbump this afternoon while working on Unleash It. I was trying to add menu items to a sub menu of a context menu for the Notify Icon (boy is that a mouthful to say (and also to write)). Well, it seems that there is a bit of a known bug that isn't broadly stated when creating sub-menu items dynamically...and that is that once you've created them, and try to recreate them, they never appear.

So, after a bit of googling, I came across this thread and determined that the easiest hack around this is to set your sub-menu's visibility to false then to true again. This, of course, was much easier than having to recreate the entire context menu, which is the other proposed solution.

So, if you've never ran across this problem before, make a mental note of this if you should ever happen to want to do something so remotely insane as me, or other people out there that do it as well.

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