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Interesting Download Statistics

October 23, 2004 00:47 by matthaw

I'm doing some digging in my control download stats just to kinda see how things are going. Some of these results may be suprising, others just borderline insane.

Total downloads: ~37000
Total unique downloads by email: ~21800
Total Calendar Popup downloads: ~17500
Highest Download Day: 9/26/2003 with 271 downloads
Lowest Download Day: 4/4/2003 and 4/5/2003 with 1 download each day
Average downloads per day: ~65
Most commonly used Fake Email address: a rendition of "a@a.com", w/ ~310 downloads

Pretty cool stuff that I've collected over the last year and a half. I love looking at these types of things, they're so cool.


October 23. 2004 04:01

I'm a log file fan, too. What log viewer/analyzer do you use? I've used Absolute Log Analyzer, which is great for some things but sucks at others..

Jeff Key

October 23. 2004 07:21

None, came from SQL Server databases Smile

Matt Hawley

March 28. 2008 04:57

It's impossible to download eworld.ui assembly from the web site http://www.eworldui.net/Download.aspx, we always receive an error message...


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