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Updated Utility: Unleash It 2.3.1

November 23, 2004 18:08 by matthaw

It’s time for a service release that fixes issues with using the Multiple Profile deployment settings. It was brought to my attention that many things were broken with this, and so I took it on to do a service release, one that I don’t normally do, to just get these bugs hammered out so people can continue to use them. Also in this release is an updated version of VisualStyles which will hopefully solve various error messages received when configuring a profile. However, since these are few and far between, please report any problems you’re continuing to have with these. So, here’s the changelog:

  • Fixed: Multiple Deployment only deploying the active profile indicated in single deployment.
  • Fixed: Deleting multiple profile configurations always deleted the last profile.
  • Fixed: Message on multiple profile tab not representing the actual problem why deployment can not continue.
  • Changed: A new process dialog indicating the progress of testing your FTP settings and allows you to cancel has been put in place.
  • Changed: Updated Skybound.VisualStyles to version 1.5.4

This release breaks any previously used plugins built on the 2.3 bits, and will need to be recompiled against the 2.3.1 bits. I will strive in the future to refrain from having to rebuild plugins with new releases, however sometimes this is an issue because many components are updated.

Visit Unleash It’s site to download the 2.3.1 service release!
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