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Easiest Way of Adding Search - EasySearchASP.NET

February 14, 2005 23:50 by matthaw

This was just posted, so I quickly went over to their site to check it out. I was a bit skeptical, only because we all know that indexing and searching your (or your company’s) website is a daunting task usually left to using Google, but with several lines of code, EasySearchASP.NET provides an out-of-the-box experience, so to speak. Right out of the box, searching works. Its that simple. It uses in-memory storage, which doesn’t require you to store it to a database, flat file, or any other method…making it fast, fast, Google fast. Sure, it probably isn’t as powerful as Google, but for a $99 fee, I don’t think you can go wrong. I’m going to plop this control on over to my boss to see what he thinks…I know my company has always wanted to do searching.

So my thoughts then were, well what if IIS is restarted? Well, they thought of that, and that is the great ability of being able to store the easy search index to file. This makes initial startup searching faster.

Here’s another cool thing – there’s a programmatic API exposed by Web Services, so you can tap into your search database from anywhere – how fricking cool is that!

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February 21. 2005 16:38

Another (free) alternative search engine is dotLucene (based on the java version).


(have a look at nutch.org to see the power of the java version)




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