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FireFox CSS Redraw Bug

February 14, 2005 18:39 by matthaw

So I’m working on a .NET Web app at work where I’m utilizing CSS and my Collapsable Panel control. The CSS that I’m applying is a border surrounding the entire page content via a DIV tag. The problem that I’m experiencing is a redraw problem with FireFox…great!

Here’s a shot right after it has been expanded:


Here’s a shot after I “touch” FireFox (ie, I set focus to a textbox):


Note, no refresh of the page has been done, and it is merely a redraw bug in FireFox. Internet Explorer 6 works as expected. Sometimes FireFox is better than IE, but issues like this make me wonder why I use FireFox for better “support” of web standards. Note, I put support in quotes because FireFox actually does abide by web standards, whereas IE has created their own. Its just the small things that irk me…

Update: I’ve started a thread over at the FireFox forums, if you have any ideas or suggestions, post em there.

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February 14. 2005 23:04

"unearthed".  What a nice way to describe finding a Firefox bug.  ;)

Tim Haines

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