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Rounding Down

March 29, 2005 22:30 by matthaw

Ohh, I bet your thinking this is a technical post, well…its not.

So, just over 3 days left at my current employer, and things are starting to round down for me. Less and less priorities at work (in fact, I am merely here for transitioning purposes to the remaining [few] applications left) has made this week pretty laid back for me. However, since I am going from one thing to another, I am finding that by the end of the day, I’m just plain tired. After reading one of Rory’s latest, it has finally dawned on me why I’m so tired.

However, setting work aside, its been an interesting last two weeks coordinating things with my relocation specialist, the insurance company (for relocation), the household moving company, the car moving company, the rental assistance specialists, and the PO box company (for temporary mail forwarding), that I’m finally glad things have all gotten settled. There’s finally hard dates for our relocation – April 4 – packers come, April 5 – house & car movers come, April 6 – my fiance and I leave for Washington. While it has been kind of crazy getting things coordinated, I couldn’t imagine doing it myself, so much props goes to my relocation specialist.

I think that if I had to relocate on myself, that there is no way I would have been able to do it in 3 weeks, not to mention that we don’t have to do a lick of packing (yeah, thats right – and what we do pack has to be checked out by the packers, seriously – if you’re moving long distance, get the packers to do it!). I’m only dredding having to tear down our 2 desks, entertainment center, and storage closet – you have to personally take all particle board furniture apart yourself (and later put it back together yourself) because of the possibility for damage. Seriously, its going to take us a few nights to get everything torn down, our entertainment center alone took us 4 hours to put together, I can only imagine reassembling it without instructions.

So yeah, life has been chaotic in the past few weeks, and I’m just going to be happy when its all over with and we’re out in WA with a new job under my belt. Until later when I post my experiences of interviewing…

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