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Want more than a 15 Second Interval in FogBugz?

March 30, 2005 19:35 by matthaw

With the FogBugz 4.0 release, they disbanded (currently) the idea of polling intervals for retrieving mail. While this means less things to manage, it does pose problems with filling up the error log with messages stating it cannot connect to the mail server. However, that messages is just erroneous because things still function, it just so happens its getting hit WAAY to often than what some servers would allow.

So, someone posted to the FogBugz discussion forums for a solution, and someone came up with the code to make it poll every 5 minutes. So, I implemented the code, and found out that it only retrieves 1 email message (per mailbox) every 5 minutes, therefore if you have 30 messages in a single mailbox, its going to take 150 minutes. 150 MINUTES! Are you insane? That just wont cut it in the real world.

So, I started doing a bit of hackery and came up with a solution that will retrieve all email in each mailbox for each 5 minute polling interval. I also changed some code that will send out chunks of 10 emails (from the MailQueue) every time the heartbeat.asp page is called. So, what I’ve created is what everyone is wanting.

You can check out the post here for the code to implement everything described above.

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