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Lambda Based RedirectToAction Sample Updated to MVC Preview 3

May 29, 2008 18:44 by matthaw

I took my Lambda based RedirectToAction solution I previously blogged about and updated it to work against the Preview 3 bits. I also took the liberty to fix the bug where you couldn't actually call another controller's action. Some notable changes in the source, is that ActionRedirectResult is no more - as it's replaced with RedirectToRouteResult. I think this was a good consolidation between RedirectToAction and RedirectToRoute since they basically do exactly the same thing. You'll also notice that there are 3 more extension methods, which was necessary to fix the prior bug. Now, you can write code like

   1:  // for actions off of the current controller
   2:  return this.RedirectToAction(c => c.Login());
   3:  return this.RedirectToAction(c => c.Login("matt"));
   5:  // alternatively, within the UserController you can do the following
   6:  return this.RedirectToAction<ProductController>(c => c.View(102));

I'm not going to post the entire code sample as you can download it here. Enjoy it, and let me know of anything else you'd like to see.

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June 2. 2008 19:42

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Lambda Based RedirectToAction Sample Updated to MVC Preview 3 - eWorld.UI - Matt Hawley


June 3. 2008 07:57

Hi Matt,

Would you be interested in including this in mvccontrib?


Jeremy Skinner

June 3. 2008 08:13

@Jeremy - yeah, I'll get it in there probably late next week


June 3. 2008 13:31

Not only did this fix my problem calling another controller's action, but it fixed my problem where my session variable was being destroyed.  Much obliged!

Mike B

June 9. 2008 18:27

Perfect! Thanks.

Seth Websterer.com

June 20. 2008 14:02

Nice job, this is great.  I removed the (this) extension bits and just added it to my base controller class overloading RedirectToAction since it doesn't have any conflicting <T> methods and the signatures are unique.  Works like a charm, and is much cleaner.  I hope they add this into the core MVC eventually.


June 30. 2008 03:06

Building off of this example, I suppose we can also do this...

<%= Html.ActionLink<ProductController>(c => c.View(102)) %>

David J Hu

August 25. 2008 22:08

I almost started to build it myself, good job. Hopefully it will be added to the MVC core.

jorg visch

June 4. 2009 00:36



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