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More on VS.NET Project Files - Unsupported Characters

October 15, 2004 00:09 by matthaw

Got another nasty bug relating to unsupported characters in VS.NET project files again, today. Unfortunately, my changes didn't handle ampersands, or other of those types of characters, and threw a nasty exception...not good.

Anyway, to test out how these files with ampersands actually get into the project files, I started a new project and was throwing things around. The good news, is that you cannot create a new file from within VS.NET and add it to your project if it contains invalid characters. VS.NET handles this situation very nicely telling you cannot create a file with that name because it contains one of the invalid characers.

The bad thing? Well, you can add an existing file with an invalid character to a project and not receive any error messages at all. Hmm, is that good practice? I don't think so. Maybe they can fix this in the realm (I actually haven't tried it in Whidbey, but my guess is that its probably the same) for Visual Studio 2005.

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