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Google Desktop - Just Uninstalled

October 19, 2004 23:33 by matthaw

While the Google Desktop application is quite a feat by Google, I just think (like many others) that there are too many security risks and flaws in the current version that just render it useless.

After reading Franci's post I quickly realized all of the security holes that the Google Desktop opens up and uninstalled the software. In reality, I didn't even use it...I still opted for Lookout to search my email...why? Well, because its not browser based and its right there in the application I need to search email for.

I would suggest that everyone take a step back and determine if the security risks are worth the ease of searching. Personally, I don't.

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October 20. 2004 01:44

Want an alternative...www.x1.com  Its not free but if you do a lot of searching it beats google desktop hands down, mainly because it doesn't use a web interface to show results.

Kevin Blakeley

November 1. 2004 01:14

it helps to slow down my computer


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